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Title: a very curious case [SNIPPET]

Character(s): Korra, Amon, Noatak, OCs

A/N: Thanks to lantur who started it (http://lantur.tumblr.com/post/30639445091/so-korra-looks-a-lot-like-noatak-she-looks), and plotdesigner (and darkpuck I think) discussing it more, and patripatriae/crushermon/driftycryingwithelieumon's fic, and mixed race twins research like this:

And original trilogy Star Wars.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to the Legend of Korra.

"It's rare, but it happens--" Adina had heard one of the midwives whisper this when Korra and Amon were born, the girl twin with her father's dark color and blue eyes, the boy twin with his mother's paler color and dark brown eyes.

Adina held her new twins freely, though she noted Noatak held them as if they would break.  She found he grew quieter and even stranger when news of Avatar Aang's death finally reached their farm.


Korra asked her mother again and again where Baba was, when was he coming home, can Amon and she stay up and wait for him?

Amon was quiet, except when he and his twin went to bed and under the covers he asked her, "What if he doesn't come back?"

It had been snowing.  Outside a pile of it leapt up and splattered against their window once Korra scowled and pushed her brother.  But at the sound of it both twins were frightened and rushed to Adina's room.
After puzzling it out, Adina realized her daughter took after Noatak in bending too.


Korra was excited to take up watering the plants until Baba came back.  She was really excited to bend like Baba, and was certain Amon could do it too, he just hadn't yet for whatever reason.

"But what if I can't, like Mama?"

"You can, too!"  Korra pouted; then grinned, dousing her twin again with water.

Her brother whined that wasn't helping, and Korra repeated it'll shock him into bending the water away or off him, and Amon retorted she just liked splashing him.  When Korra did it again, Amon dodged, and then she whined he was missing the point.

"Is it bad, if I can't bend like you?"  Amon asked in the quiet dark of their room again, when they should have been sleeping.

"It's fun splashing you--"

Amon pouted at his belief that his sister just liked soaking him being proven so right and her saying it so unashamedly. 

"--but it's okay, Mama can't either.  And you're even faster than water!"

Amon beamed.


Three years and father was still gone, and Korra fought other children who said he'd ditched them.  Sometimes Amon would help her--only for her, not father, who wasn't really that relevant anymore.  Other times he'd try to pull her back.  He rarely started a fight.

"Come on, Sis--"

"But Amon--!"

One of the older kids snarled as Amon tried to drag Korra back.  "You're so stupid, bending all the time like it's the greatest thing ever, saying your dead beat dad was the best bender ever--"

"It is and he is--!" Korra shouted back, and Amon pulled harder on her scraped up arm.

"--don't even notice those new Agni Kais keeping an eye on you."

"Huh?" Korra stopped struggling, confused.  Amon had stiffened, going very still.

The older boy spat on the ground.  "I hear they're still like the firebenders in the war, dragging waterbenders away, and selling them to the Monsoons--"

For once Amon snapped, slamming into the older boy and just hitting every inch of him that he could reach.

"Amon--Amon--brother--brother, stop it!"  Korra was pulling at him, scrambling, screaming.  "Amon, you're making him bleed--you're making him bleed a lot!"

She finally managed to yank him off the older boy.  Her hands flailed at the boy, panicking, especially when the other kids had gone still with shock at small quiet Amon going off like that.  Her flailing made the blood on the boy's crumpled up nose move, and catching on that, she tried bending the blood off him, like bending the water off people like her twin--

Someone shrieked.  "Bloodbender!"

Someone else pushed Korra, and the bloodied boy with the broken nose ran off.  Amon half-caught her so that she didn't completely land with her flat back on the dirt, but her rump still hit the ground.  Amon began moving away, his eyes glaring and frenzied and barely seeing anything again--Korra wrapped her arms around his legs, again shouting, "Stop!"

Amon shook himself, blinking.  Holding her brother's hand very tight, Korra led Amon home to their farm in a mad run.

Realizing that there was blood on Amon too, Korra began bending it away before Mama could see, and Amon did not shriek.  He didn't make a sound.

A/N: More mixed race twins research:






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