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Title: the showdown that was always meant to be [10/?]

Fandom: The Legend of Korra

Summary: Finale AU. Did you seriously swallow every word from the man that kidnapped you days ago?

Previously: part 9:



A/N: Season 1 finale rewrite GO. And rewritten after a certain scene, because up until certain points in the finale, I had hope.

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This is in continuity with my fic "Misbegotten Sons" at

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8190741/1/misbegotten_sons. In case anyone wonders, this is not really in continuity with "all a dream" at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8292114/1/all_a_dream.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to the Legend of Korra or Avatar: The Last Airbender.

"Well, deja vu," Lin Bei Fong grumbled as she took out the last guard and leveled a deadplan glance at Mako in his makeshift cell. She kept another eye on her men and their current Equalist allies. One masked Equalist backed off, body language reading alarmed, while another placed a hand on his shoulder and drew close to his ear, whispering. The other Equalists surrounded him protectively, except for those who kept a tense look out along with other ex-metalbenders.

"They've already taken Korra--!" Mako began urgently as Lin checked the guards for keys. There was a metallic clink, and she frowned to find one of the Equalists with the key. Their current leader, the one that had let her out, in fact. Lin had gotten a name out of her, Nila.

"How do you know?" The Equalist with the key asked, her voice flat.

"I overhead the guards talking, and what are they doing here--?!" Mako snarled, glaring at the masked chiblockers.

"We're teaming up with the Equalists to take down Tarrlok and his unified gang front, and you best get used to that fast." Lin explained. "Now, did you hear where they took Korra?" She asked, trying to keep her voice calm as she faced Mako.

"The park--"

"And Amon, the Lieutenant, the chiblockers, the civilian nonbenders--everyone else taken here at the arena? Do you know where they are?" The Equalist with the key asked.

Mako's eyes narrowed, but he said, "I heard they were taking Amon and the...the civilian nonbenders to the park, too. Didn't hear anything about any Lieutenant or the chiblockers."

"They may still be here," Lin said. "Now, Nila, please give me the key, or let Mako out yourself."

One of the Equalists behind their leader, Nila, snapped, "We don't need hotheads like him for this."

"We need every man we can get," one of Lin's men snapped, and he withered when Lin shot him a glare.

Another Equalist piped up, "Not him! Not after he almost burned off Ash's face, just like Amon got his burned off!"

The Equalist who'd earlier backed off, looking alarmed, flinched and further retreated, while another moved in front of him.

"Especially when we didn't even have your stupid Avatar! That was Tarrlok's fault too!" Another snarled behind her mask.

Mako gaped. "I...you were the one who--?"

"Didn't know anything, yeah," Equalist Ash said in a small brittle voice as he stepped back into sight.

"I...I didn't recognize you," Mako said, his voice hesitant. "Not with the m--"

Ash then pulled his mask off. "Recognize me now?"

"I...not really...."

"Guess that fire didn't illuminate much," one of the Equalists sneered.

"All of you--" another chiblocker hissed, turning on Lin's ex-metalbenders. "--keep shooting us dirty looks or pitiful crocpup glances, but we fed you, we didn't beat you, let alone try to burn any of your faces off, Amon just took your bending and spared your lives--do you have any idea how merciful he's being? How many of us would rather see you all dead, but Amon and a whole lot of others have been very insistent and very persuasive about not killing--"

Finally Lin stepped in between Mako and the Equalists and her men. "Mako was a probender at the arena here, he should be able to lead us around the area better."

"We know the arena well en--"

"Actually, Kaoru, we don't; none of us were on the strike team at the probending arena, remember?" Nila pointed out as she stopped twirling the key. The Equalist named Kaoru grumbled, folding her arms. When no other chiblocker protested, Nila let Mako out.

On both sides of bender and former benders and nonbenders, the tension remained, though it had shifted, mutated. The ex-benders shooting the nonbenders less distasteful glances and more considering, guilty ones. Mako's face stormy, uncertain. Lin's mouth pressed into a very thin line. The Equalists silent, focused, but still bitter underneath.


The Lieutenant listened closely to the guards talk.

"So did more of our guys come in from Bai Sing Se?"

"No, not since last week...."

The Equalist's eyes narrowed. So, bender criminals from outside Republic City had been reached, too...probably convinced a movement against bending itself affected them all...could any of these benders possibly be unaffiliated with the gangs, and just here to defend bending...?

"Woah, what are you doing--Tarrlok said--"

"You'd have to be blind and deaf not to notice he doesn't give a damn about this guy, and he got my brother's bending taken away, delivered him straight to that freak--"

The Lieutenant tensed, sensing an opportunity, if he played his cards right.


Naga was too large to navigate most of the probending arena; same applied to the mech tanks they had. They and the polarbeardog were left with some of the chiblocking Equalists after taking out enough guards. They were to serve as lookout, while the rest of their group searched the arena for their missing. Bolin, being most familiar with the place, led the way.

Eventually, they came upon the noise of a scuffle ahead.

"That doesn't sound good--" Bolin remarked.

"Very astute," deadpanned Hiroshi.

"Perhaps we should--" began Iroh.

Asami and the masked chiblockers bolted ahead for the racket.

"Asami!" Hiroshi instinctively shouted, alarmed. He had never gone into battle with his daughter before, and frankly was still anxious over the whole thing, how could a single father possibly avoid such uncertain feelings? He, Bolin and Iroh ran after them.

They found the Lieutenant chained and struggling madly with a man. Asami fell upon the Lieutenant's attacker while the rest dealt with the other gang benders surprised by their entrance. Shock helped make the fight short, and soon Asami and Hiroshi were helping the Lieutenant out.

"Amon--" The Lieutenant said, pulling away from Hiroshi and Asami's hold.

"We haven't found him yet," Hiroshi said.

The Lieutenant shook his head. "No, I overhead the guards--Amon's been taken to the park, along with the Avatar and the civilian nonbenders."

"Why?" Asami asked, eyes wide.

"No idea," the Lieutenant bitterly said. Then he and Asami locked eyes.


"I know you're Lieu." Her mouth quirked a little. "Still can't believe you ended up going by 'Lieutenant' too."

Bolin stared. "No way, Mustache Guy is the Lieutenant who's also named Lieu--?"

"We may be teaming up, but if you would shut up unless you really need to talk, I'd be much obliged," the Lieutenant deadpanned while giving Bolin a withering look.

Undetered, Bolin looked surprised. "Howdidyouknowwewereteamingup--?"

"What else am I supposed to think of all of you here without attacking each other? That, and I know your idiot brother's here too--"

"He is, he wasn't taken to the park too?! Where is he?!" Bolin begged, grabbing the Lieutenant's arms and looking desperate, his voice cracking.

The Lieutenant blinked. Then he said, softly, "Don't touch me."

Bolin immediately let go. "Right, sorry, personal space--"

The Lieutenant sighed. "I don't know where your brother is, or the rest of our chiblockers, but they may still be here--"

"Sir, found your generator and kali sticks!" Everyone's attention snapped to one of the shorter Equalists, who raised the generator and kali sticks above his head like a trophy, the locker left open beside him.

"Good work, Tien--now let's grab the others and then head to the park," the Lieutenant said with a terse nod.


Mako closed his eyes, it was too late already, that piece of earth was going to burst his head open--

And then he felt nothing but his brother's hug and his familiar scent. "OhmanMakoIloveyou--"


"Your brother just redirected that earth spike and saved your life, but since we're still in the middle of a fight, it'd be great if he'd hold off on the hugging for later," Mustache Guy said in a very calm voice while whacking gang benders left and right with his kali sticks.

Mako had very little time to think before fire was blasted toward them, and he instinctively redirected it, while Bolin bent a protective wall of earth ahead of them. "And don't hit Mustache Guy--er, the Lieutenant or the other chiblockers--"

"We already saw him fighting with chiblockers and Lin and her men, I think he's up to speed on our little alliance--" Mustache-Guy-slash-Lieutenant again calmly pointed out while he electrocuted a shrieking gang metalbender.

"Oh right," Bolin said, and Mako wondered when he'd wake up from this really surreal dream.


Bolin covered an Equalist, knocking down another gang bender, and nodded to the other Equalist who'd helped him out earlier. She gave a stiff acknowledging nod.

The ex-probender turned to his older brother, smiling, ecstatic--but he paused when he saw Mako narrow his eyes at Asami helping Mustac--the Lieutenant up.

"All right there, Sifu?" Asami said with a quirk of her lips, and--woah, was the Lieutenant smiling? Even just a little?

Bolin's eyes widened as Mako's snapped wide and looked like he was about to breathe fire and ohno.

"Sifu? Sifu?" Mako snarled, stepping toward Asami and the Lieutenant. The Lieutenant glared back, as did Hiroshi, and Bolin's eyes were darting between all of them. It looked like the Lieutenant and Hiroshi wanted to step in front of Asami, but she stepped toward Mako too, her face equally stormy.

"He's your self-defense teacher? How many Equalists did you 'not' know--?"

"Don't you dare accuse me, not when you didn't even tell me about the Triads."

Mako's eyes widened. "What--" Then his eyes glared at Bolin, and the younger man flinched. "Bo-!"

"Don't blame your brother again, he assumed you'd have the guts to tell me about this before--though why he did, I have no idea, you didn't have the nerve to tell me about your kiss with Korra yourself--"

Bolin started to really fear for his brother's life with the way Hiroshi and the Lieutenant were staring at Mako, and one still had his Equalist glove, the other with his electrified kali sticks.

"We can't argue about this when Korra's captured right now--"

"You're the one who started jumping down my throat before even giving me a chance to explain myself!"

"Your teacher was an Equ--!"

"Enough," snarled Lin Bei Fong as she stepped forward, and Bolin realized their whole group of Equalists, ex-metalbenders, and United Forces General was staring at Mako and Asami right now.

"Nonbender or not," General Iroh said, "we're all fighting to retake Republic City. None of us are about to join the gangs despite old history, are we?" The general's eyes narrowed.

Someone scoffed. It was an Equalist, one of the ones that had been with Bei Fong and Mako.

"That one--" she stabbed a finger at Bolin. "--was fighting for the gangs in their freakin' turf war not long ago, how could we possibly trust him?"

"That's gotta be a mist--" Asami said.

"I didn't know it'd be a turf war, I was just told it'd be support and we needed the money--" Bolin said.

At the same time.

Asami stared at Bolin, and he felt like sinking into the ground, though he really didn't want to bend in front of her and the others.

"That isn't a small thing, Bolin!" She snapped, and it looked like she would breath fire if she could. "You told me--spirits, the both of you--!"

"Asami, please, I didn't mean--"

"The young man was probably left too unsettled by Amon to willingly speak of anything related to that situation again, even when he agreed to do enforcement for the Triads," the Lieutenant dryly pointed out. "You benders are so disturbed by the possibility of losing all that power."

Bolin blinked. Was that a back-handed defense of him from the Lieutenant that electrocuted him more than once?

"None of you are going to join the gangs, are you?" General Iroh repeated quietly. Bolin and Mako shook their heads. Despite the mask, there was still the way an Equalist's head moved, so Bolin was fairly certain she'd just rolled her eyes at them.

Asami was still glaring at both of them, but she looked really hurt too. Bolin felt like a complete jerkbender.

"Then we need to--" Hiroshi started, and then more guards arrived.


Naga cornered another Enemy, and another Shadow Person took him down, just as they had taken Korra down before, but not killed her. If any of the Shadow People had killed Her Person, Naga would've killed them too.

Naga had never seen the Shadow People kill anyone before, and Asami and Bolin were not fighting the Shadow People, who actually smelled nice. Naga decided she liked them. When the Enemies were down, Naga expressed her acceptance again by licking one of the Shadow People.

The Metal People, who had lumbered over them, protective, sometimes shooting out sparking lines, were still now.

The polarbeardog whipped around, growling, just as the Shadow People were at her side again ready for more. It was Asami and Bolin, followed by whom Asami called "Dad" like Korra and the Airpups had people whom they called "Dad." There were more Shadow People, and there was whom Bolin had called Mustache Guy, that daring human who'd actually jumped at her. But of course he had been no match for her. Few humans rarely were.

Behind them were more Enemies, shooting fire and rock and water.

"But Mako--!" Bolin shouted, and Asami shook her head. Naga whined, sensing Bolin's heightened distress.

"Don't worry, he got out okay, him and the Chief and the cops and those chiblockers--they all got out okay!"

"Except for the fact that we're separated! Again!"

"They know to meet us at the park!" Asami called back.

"We have to go now!" Mustache Guy ordered. Naga tensed, waiting--there, Bolin and the General jumped into her saddle. Asami, her Dad, Mustache Guy and the Shadow People took to their four-wheeled and two-wheeled machines, the Metal People following and providing cover.

Naga bounded ahead with the strange pack, darting and evading the Enemy. Again, the polarbeardog hoped the next time she stopped, Korra would be there.

A/N: Ohman, taking a stab at Naga POV was fun.

So in this part, Mako POV, third omniscent POV finally, Bolin POV and Naga POV! (Really had fun with Naga POV, I want to try that more!)

...Also, question, anyone know what happened to Pabu during the canon finale? O_o I just watched it twice, and now I realize I have no idea what happened to Pabu. It makes sense for Pabu to have had a scene like Momo, where both critters were told to clear out for the major fighting...but I don't remember Pabu having a scene like that, though he must've. Or did Pabu stay with Naga? AUGH DID I FORGET ABOUT PABU? I might have to go back and add Pabu in later if that's the case! XD

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