Sep. 20th, 2012

Title: it's not a game for me, but i'll play it for you (all for you, only you)

Summary: AU. Crossover-fusion with Marvel's Avengers movie. "Love is for children; I owe him a debt."

A/N: For Lieumon week, prompt 'spy.' And the Amon used is actually scarred nonbender Amon.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to the Legend of Korra or the Avengers.

"So this is the Great Equalist Amon?" Lightning Bolt Zolt scoffed as he toyed with the white mask. He eyed the younger man--tied to a chair and slightly slumped down, his clothes still singed from some teasing lightningbending. "Some klutz with a fucked up face?"

And he favored the younger man's face crisscrossed everywhere with scars with a long hard look. His captive just glared back with his dark brown eyes.

"Now, back in the day, you pulled off a lot of jobs for Yakone--"

Amon's eyes narrowed.

"--I'll give you that, pretty impressive shit there. But now?"

Zolt nodded to his men, and they quickly earthbent Amon's chair so that it and he leaned precariously over the gap in the stone floor, hovering dangerously over the lower level of the building.

"Can't even be the middleman for some damned upstart. So, cutting you out, and then the cargo will be--"


"What?" Zolt snapped, whirling around and breathing fire. He was on a freakin' roll, interruptions were damned inconveient.

A few of his underlings had actually taken pains to drag a phone in here. "Sir, it's really urgent--"

Zolt cursed, snatching the phone. "Who the hell--?!"

"14 Third Street, Unit 10--your current location, and surrounded by mech tanks and metalbenders poised to strike unless you put Amon on the phone right now," sternly ordered some dame's voice that brooked no argument. "You have until the count of five. I'll be going by odds. One, three--"

"It's for him," snarled Zolt, waving the phone at the captive and clearly, silently ordering one of his men to pass it to the scarred prick right the fuck now.

Amon's chair was earthbent back to place, and the phone quickly passed to him. Cradling the phone in the nook of his shoulder, Amon's voice was exasperated. "Who--Lin? This needs to wait, I'm in the middle of an interrogation--no, this fool is giving me everything--"

That was so unexpected, Zolt didn't instinctively feel indignant; just shared a baffled look with his men.


Amon stopped when Lin finally said in a terse voice, "The Lieutenant's been compromised."

Eyes narrowing, Amon quickly tore out of the bonds he'd untied quite a while ago. He'd been fortunate the Triad were too careless to try holding him with earth or ice--otherwise escaping would've taken longer, when he needed to go now.

Amon quickly evaded the bender's strikes and invaded their space, chiblocking them into paralysis. He similarly ducked Zolt's lightningbending and knocked him out.

Placing his mask back on and picking up the phone, Amon told Lin that he was ready for pick up, as well as clean up.


When Koh pressed his claw into the Lieutenant's chest and gold overtook the blue of his eyes, the whole of his life spread out before the spirit. For a moment Koh paused and lingered--

The Lieutenant stood poised to eliminate one of Yakone's assassins...but it was a child. Culdn't be more than seventeen, could be younger. This was Amon, the one so many spoke of in equal parts fear and awe? Granted, after that fight, he definitely lived up to the reputation of his prowess in battle. But the Lieutenant hadn't expected someone so young, but then intel had always been so vague on this particular target, Amon had always been so elusive....

"What are you waiting for?" The masked boy asked, his eyes and voice detached, just curious.

Narrowing his eyes, the Lieutenant struck--with his free hand, hitting the points that would paralyze Amon.

Tying up the boy and heaving him up on one shoulder, the Lieutenant began the trek back to what was supposed to be temporary HQ.

"What are you doing?" Amon asked, completely baffled now. His voice actually cracked.

"Making a different call," was all the Lieutenant said at the time.

--before moving on.


Amon felt a thrill of panic. The Lieutenant had not fought to kill with him since the first time they met years ago. But this wasn't Lieu, and he had to fight, he had to--

The younger man gave a pained shout as the Lieutenant nailed him in the back of the neck with a backhanded swipe of one of his kali sticks. Going down, Amon tried to regain control by turning part of it into a kick sweeping the Lieutenant's stance out from under him. It worked. Though now it was a race to who would get back to their feet first.

The Lieutenant scrambled for his kali sticks, both dropped now. Amon simply threw himself on top of the Lieutenant, struggling to pin him down. The Lieutenant elbowed him--then quickly twisted and had Amon pinned, at least one kali stick back in hand and pressing tightly against Amon's throat--

Amon kneed the Lieutenant in the gut, having successfully positioned his leg in the right spot. The older man recoiled, and Amon threw him off. Hard.

The Lieutenant slammed into the wall again, and did not rise. Amon panted, stayed in his fighting stance after standing back up, just in case. But after more seconds passed and the Lieutenant still didn't rise, Amon limped to his side and tied up his old friend, before pulling him over his shoulder and beginning the trek to the infirmary.


"So all I needed was a hard knock to the head," the Lieutenant said in an empty voice, his eyes back to blue.

"Happy to oblige," Amon said, voice trying to be cheery in an effort to make his old friend feel better. But when the older man's eyes remained distant and morose, Amon placed a hand on his shoulder.


"Do you know what it's like to be unmade?"

Amon remembered Yakone, Tarrlok....

The younger man leaned his masked face against the Lieutenant's back, whispering. "You know I do."

"So does Koh now," the Lieutenant said in a low growling voice.

"None of it was your fault," Amon said with utter conviction, moving his masked face up and catching the Lieutenant's eye. "I know it probably doesn't feel that way now--but in time, it should. Because it's the truth. You're not at fault for any of it."

The Lieutenant finally gave a small tired smile. "Got a pep talk set to rally all the troops?"

"Definitely didn't get any training in that," Amon murmured, then closed his eyes in pleasure as the Lieutenant leaned his forehead against his. Amon would take what he could get before the final battle.


Amon and the Lieutenant leaned against each other as they ate at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery, enjoying the tired and relieved quiet with their new makeshift team.

A/N: Current thoughts on the rest of this 'verse: I love Movie Loki, but Koh--well, I'd say he's only his equivalent in that he's this sorta otherworldly threat. But I think Koh is even more of a cosmic horror than Loki. Korra is Bruce, due to her really dangerous Avatar State when she loses control. Asami is Iron Man, because it really clicks to me. Captain America is Aang because they were both frozen in ice and generally earnestly sweet like that. Princess Yue is sorta Thor, or that otherworldly figure sent to deal with that other otherwordly figure, Koh in this case. Again, Amon is Black Widow and the Lieutenant is Hawkeye. Lin has Phil's role in this for her talk with Amon, but the's more of Nick Fury. But she might do an exactul heroic sacrifice that costs her life? Just thinking less issues with benders and nonbenders in this because there's more equalisty, both benders and nonbenders in law enforcement like Avatar's equivlaent to S.H.I.E.L.D. here. And the crossover-fusion doesn't involve a dip into the Marvel movie's more modern tech, it pretty much stays in LoK's steampunk roaring 20s-ish age. And I guess--yeah, this is sorta like "misbegotten sons" continuity, but further altered, with like Yakone actually successfully brainwashing Amon for a while....

Title: degrees of attention

Summary: Genderbent!Amon AU. Who says chivalry is dead?

A/N: For Lieumon week, prompt 'flirt.' Inspired by harpalyce to consider genderbending Amon. But genderbent!actually-scarred-nonbender!Amon because why not. XD Even more specifically, pretty much the genderbent version of Amon in my 'misbegotten sons' fic continuity. This actually takes place in an genderbent alternate of chapter 3 continuity, where a fourteen-year-old Amon first meets a Lieu (Amon doesn't refer to him as Lieutenant yet) in his 20s and around Tarrlok's age. And due to that age difference, this pretty much just focuses on Amon and Lieu's friendship (though when Amon's older....).

Dislcaimer: I own nothing related to the Legend of Korra.

Lieu waited for Amon; they'd be actually eating out tonight. Sort of. He'd finally learned the young girl didn't really feel comfortable eating in public places, even uncovering her face just enough to eat was something she didn't like to do in front of people. Lieu felt he should've realized that the very first time after she'd pretty much saved his life, but no, like an idiot, he'd invited her to coffee to answer her questions about why he'd been attacked. His one saving grace was that he realized just in time to try to get the most secluded table in the cafe.

But, fresh air would be good. They'd just pick up their food and find somewhere private outside to eat. Lieu had deemed they'd eaten too much take out while busy in the workshop, and that they'd just been cooped up in there too long.

Finally Lieu saw Amon, and he began to wave to her. The masked girl didn't notice, attention focused on some men. They were flushed, one held a bottle. They called to her, reached for her. Pawing. One drew too close, and Amon easily sidestepped him. Her stance appeared neutral, even casual, but Lieu could see the readiness in her body, the readiness that had let her evade so easily. Lieu approved, even as his blood boiled while he began to approach her location.

One of the drunks earthbent, trying to catch Amon's booted foot. She sidestepped that easily too, but Lieu still saw red. He bolted forward, immediately punching the bender's nose in.

Another drunk shouted and began to sloppily firebend, until Amon slipped in and chiblocked him. The rest ran, and Lieu started to give chase--until he felt a small but strong hand grab him. "Can we just go?"

The older man looked at the adolescent, anger still twisting his face. He tried to soften his expression as he looked down at Amon. It wasn't that she looked disturbed; she looked fine, composed. But she still had to look quite a ways up to stare at him so.

"Of course."

They took a trolley to one of the streets near the park, one that would be packed with food vendors at this time. After perusing many stalls, Lieu and Amon settled on completely splurging with a box of sushi and a large bottle of pineapple-orange juice.

The two walked to the park, where the number of people thinned out in the evening. They settled by the lake, and talked about the Painted Lady radio play they'd been listening to while in the workshop as they popped in their sushi.

"You don't usually let your hair breathe," he noted. Much of the time Amon wrapped her entire head in cloth wrappings, but tonight she had wrapped it so that it covered her face, but her hair was allowed to flow out. Not that it had much to flow with per se, coming only to her shoulders and still rather roughly cut.

"Well, we were going out. Sort of," she said. Amon picked at the beads of rice surrounding her koi-shrimp.

"That's never happened to me before." Lieu lowered his chopsticks, his face darkening. He stared when Amon gave a light chuckle. "Those guys were so drunk, thinking I was pretty enough to--but they were probably just messing with me." Amon shook her head, chuckling again, then took another gulp of pineapple-orange juice.

Lieu chewed over another piece of sushi as he considered. He swallowed, then softly said, "That's definitely not the sort of attention you want. But someday there'll be people who'll--"

"--think that I'm pretty?" Amon asked, her eyes and voice flat. The girl tightly gripped the neck of the bottle she still had in hand. "Look at me, do I look--?"

She cut herself off, muttering angrily.

Lieu did. Other than letting her hair down, the girl looked as she occasionally did--wearing a leather skirt and dark leggings and long coat, sewn patches here and there. Her one pair of boots. But more often she favored wearing trousers.

"You look like a young woman, already on her way to being someone strong and capable, and most of all kind," Lieu simply said.

Amon stared at the older man. Cat-owlishly blinked. Then she popped in another piece of sushi and changed the topic.




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